What we do

Based out of America’s heartland, Mountain Branch Software can help your business launch a new app or enhance an existing one. Our developer has 8 years of developer experience with a focus on mobile and Apple platforms. Have a need for a different platform? No problem, let’s talk and see what we can do for you.

Who we are

DanielHi, I’m Daniel Bergquist, founder and owner of Mountain Branch Software. I have been professionally writing software for nearly a decade. After a short stint as a system integrator for Siemens, I spent six years developing medical practice management software for the Mac and iPad platforms. During this time I worked on user interfaces, reliable server storage of files, medical codes, XML based clinical summary documents and singlehandedly drove the adoption of a Jenkins based build server.

Looking for a new challenge, I moved onto an education tech startup. Here I worked on several education category top 100 grossing apps, the most successful of which has nearly 5,000 reviews for a total score of 5 stars. My major contributions were a theming engine to adapt to partner brands and transitioning to a new analytics system to save thousands of dollars a month as well as helping to automate the build process of dozens of apps based on the same codebase.

Throughout my career I have engaged in freelance work. Projects include an iPhone app for a niche radio program with over 1,600 downloads in the first year and a 4.5 star rating. More recent work has been on a cross-platform iOS and Android app utilizing the Xamarin platform.

To find out more about me, see my LinkedIn profile.